Jagoff Petition Update – One More Day


OK.. tomorrow, Wednesday, November, 26th at 11:59pm, we will close our petition to get the word Jagoff into Webster’s Dictionary.

As of writing this, we have just under 1700 signatures. And, thanks to 3 Guys Optical, that’s great news for the Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation.

Yesterday, we ran across Steelers great Rocky Bleier. (Thanks for the intro Markowitz Communications.) Rocky was all up for recording a quick pitch video.

If you didn’t see it on our Facebook or Twitter pages, below is the video.

Thanks to all who have signed and encouraged others to sign. Hope you continue to follow the blog. Pittsburghers (in town or in-heart) are awesome!

By the way, thought it might be fun to post some of the reasons people documented for signing the petition. See below.

Pat Ditrovati GRASS VALLEY, CA
Though I live in Ca now, I grew up in Pittsburgh and I ave always used jag off.

Sally Florsek OVIEDO, FL
Commonly used in PA & as Steeler Nation is nation-wide – heard around the country as well.

david fero KATY, TX
to preserve the legendary City known as The Burgh.

Logan Hartnett PARKLAND, FL
Rocky Blier told me to

Dwayne Bingham JAX, FL
just needs to be there urban culture

Colleen Lukotch MORGANTOWN, WV
I used it as a kid growing up in Bethel Park

Krystal OConnor BETHEL PARK, PA
This is normal vernacular in the Pittsburgh region, used over the span of many years and well known as a valid word at this point.

Jagoff has every right to be a word. I need it for words with friends!

David Chadwick QUAKERTOWN, PA
Go Stillers!

Robert Bereksazi PITTSBURGH, PA
I want yinz jagoffs to listen to us.

Jeffrey Mostrando MIDLOTHIAN, VA
The term is now used outside of Pittsburgh, it\’s as common as \’tweeting\’, \’texting\’ or other new phrases.

Widely used, common term for many situations.

Lois Fundis WEIRTON, WV
As a native of Western Pennsylvania (now living in a nearby state) I\’ve heard and used this word for decades.

I am from Pittsburgh and I am not a Jagoff.

It deserves recognition to be in the Webster’s dictionary

Nancy Loskoch GLENSHAW, PA
It\’s been used in movies and since I\’ve grown up!

matthew rohrer BROOKLYN, NY
It\’s a real word my whole family yells At each other every day

Lewko Korzeniwsky PITTSBURGH, PA
I moved to Pgh. in 1982 and heard this word and “jaggerbush” for the first time. Local vernacular, especially here in The ‘Burgh, provides spice to the recipe of the English language.

Robert Henrich MORRISTOWN, TN
It depends on what part of town you are from, in the South Hills this was a mild swear word but no one knew what it meant.

Christmas Gift – For People on the Phone in Public Places


If ya have ever been in an airport, in the grocery store, a hotel lobby, on a bus, WHATEVER and had that person talking loudly on their cell phone, or have ever BEEN that person, this is the perfect gift for you.

Look, we all know someone who has tried to sing with headphones on… loud and awful.  So what makes anyone think that having two earbuds in talking on the cell phone is any different.  The bottom line is, I don’t gave 2 $hi$$ about if you closed on a new order for 1,000 4/32 x 5 1/4 inch valves or if Anna in accounting needs to be counseled about her call-offs.  Learn about the INSIDE voice, YaJagoffs!

Special thanks to Anna Mac of Mary Mac Bakehouse for her Photoshop prowess!

One other note.  Thanks much to the Podcamp Pittsburgh folks who invited me to come speak this past weekend.  Had a great time!  And thanks to Kim Lyons of the PGH, Will Reynolds Young and Mike Sorg (Sorgatron Media) for putting together the video below.  We shot a segment with Pittsburgh actor, David Conrad, giving me tips on how to present.  Click it below to watch.



5 Ways on How to NOT Be a Jagoff on Light-up Night




Photo by Davie DiCello Photography’ www.DaveDiCello.com

A simple post today.  Here is a list of 5 things on how NOT to be a Light-up Night Jagoff.

1)  Macy’s Windows – do not push your kid through the pack of kids to see the windows.  Its kind of like merging on to the Fort Duquesne Bridge, if you just take your time and do the “zipper-thing” of alternating who gets in, we will all get in.  Your kid isn’t special!  Bonus note: turn your flash off when taking pics of the windows or you’ll just get what looks like Halleys Comet blasting out Hanzel and Grettle.

2)  Forget about all of the free stuff, unless they are cookies!  You will probably forget the free litter bag that someone gives you and, if you don’t, whatever is in there, you will throw in the garbage anyway.  If you realize that early on, you won’t get all “tough-guy” when the person in line to get a squeeze ball allows 5 of their friends to cut in front of you.

3)  In keeping with #2, there’s really no need to cut lines to get a free lighted-twirly-thingy that won’t last past midnight or to get a free newspaper.  Are those gifts really worth a line cut?  OK.. some of the free “eats” you want but, back-off.  Go buy an Eat n Park Smiley cookie for a buck!

4) Whatever “restrooms are for customers only” signs you violate for whatever reasons, including, walking in, looking at the menu and then giving the McDonald’s cashier that “I’ll be right back I have to pee first” fake look, flush the damned toilet!!!  Seriously, there are more of us who need to go… and some of us even went the 9-yards and purchased a small fries so that we wouldn’t feel guilty about not being a customer.  How hard can it be to reach in there, WITH YOUR FOOT, and kick the flushing handle?

5) When watching fireworks, here’s a big tip…. you don’t have to be in the “front row!” HINT: they are in the sky so, no matter where you stand, you just have to look up!  So don’t wast your time moving yourself or, even worse your kid, in front of another kid to get to the front. Just stand still and look up!!!!

OK… please share this post and hopefully we all enjoy a great Light-up Night.


The photo above is from Dave DiCello.  You can purchase his 2015 calendar here.

And you can pre-order our new Jagoff book, “Above the Fries” by clicking on the cover graphic below.