Get Your Pittsburgh Disco Back On, June 11th



One Thursday, June 11th, The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel, along with 160 other Renaissance properties worldwide, is celebrating a Global Day of Discovery. Each hotel is responsible for choosing their event’s theme. The Renaissance Pittsburgh chose disco and the hotel will transform into the nightclub that was once present in it’s lobby- Heaven.

The event is 100% Sold Out.

But you can win the last available General Admission tickets here.

The tickets will be given away in a raffle that will be held on Wednesday, June 3rd.

All those who comment below will be eligible for the raffle.

Those who add in their comment where the above “Disco” photo above came from, will get an extra entry into the raffle.

Winners will be announced on our blog, Thursday, June 4th.

The event is June 11th.


When Young = Wild and Stupid


As a public health and safety person, you very rarely get to witness some of the stupidity that occurs in some of your patient’s lives that leads up to why they have ended up in your ambulance.  Given, not everyone does something stupid but, many do.  Some are accidental mind slips and then some are just pure stupidity.

These guys… pure stupidity.

At first I was loving the fact that they, like many other Pittsburghers, had tied a piece of furniture to their big SUV. Not sure if it was full OR if they were just trying to recreate the National Lampoon, “Vacation” movie’s “Aunt Edna” scene.

But then.. while they were driving through the construction zone at 35mph, the passenger decides that it’s a great idea to reach out to try and grab the orange and white road markers.  Even to the point that he scoots out of the window past his waist ending up perpendicular to the window.

The bad news for him is, he wasn’t successful at getting one of the markers.  The good news is, he wasn’t successful at falling out of the car, cutting his head or arm off on an unforeseen wire or pole and nor did he lose any fingers on any construction stuff.

Hey..whaddaya say we leave the invincible stuff to the Avengers, Ya Jagoffs!


Uh-oh! The New Crosswalk Is a Little…um…



Yeah so…  this story started out that it may be the artistry of a local person, who wanted a city crosswalk and possibly became impatient so painted their own but lacked tools such as their protractor and t-square.

Buuuut nope!  See the excerpt below from  the EAT THAT, READ THIS daily email.

… but, as it turns out, this reimagining of the commonly-held concept of a crosswalk was indeed created by the department of public works…

So, not only does this crosswalk look like hell, it was purposefully put there and someone deliberately walked away from it saying, “Hmmmm.. that’s acceptable work.

Hey crosswalk dudes and dudettes, this really could have been avoided if the painter was watching what he was doing and once he/she saw the first line go awry, he could have radioed to the project supervisor that a line went crooked, that project supervisor could have finished his cigarette, walked over to the water cooler, grabbed a little white-cone cup, filled it 3 times with water, then radioed to the SLOW/STOP sign-holder, who would have let 27 more cars through, then turned their sign to STOP, then walked over to the cone-placer guy so that he could re-arrange the cones if necessary, and asked, “How about those Pirates?” and then after they talked about McCutcheon’s recent batting average, walked over, signaled to the painter guy that he was going to have to take a line-painting-mulligan, took two last drags on his cigarette, threw it to the ground, stamped on it with his steel-toed boot with a twist, then exhaled a chest full of smoke, walked over, re-calibrated the line painting equipment and the painter’s eye glasses and had him start over.

But then again, who am I to judge? Please don’t accept any promotions to the Bridge Design Department, Ya Jagoffs!


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