Comedy Fundraiser for Comedian Billy Elmer



OK… it’s Friday and cousin Duane is in from Florida.  We drank too much of the Moonshine that he brought with him from North Carolina so blogging about this….. BILLY ELMER COMEDY FUNDRAISER.

Billy is a Pittsburgh comedian that has performed all over, has been seen in the movie Wedding Singer and ….well….his credits are endless.

Billy is headed for heart surgery in a few days and, he could use some help with medical expenses as well as living expenses for him and his kids since he will not be able to work.

Billy has done more fundraisers than most of us could ever imagine.. including a few for my friends, causes, etc. over the years.  Now it’s time to step up for him.  A bunch of comedians, organized by fellow comedian John Knight, are doing a show at the  Kennedy Township Fire Hall, May 1st.  I am lucky enough to be the show MC…or… microphone holder..or..door opener…or car parker.

I hope to see you there and, if not, maybe you can make a small donation to help him.

Follow the link below for details.

Tickets/Donations here–> http://www.talentnetworktickets.com/

When Your Headphones Tangle


I’m not sure what happens to headphones when I put them in my backpack, but, they somehow come out looking the same way my Christmas tree lights look as I pull them out of the box from last year.  I was on a plane, there were too many people around and, after watching wrestling matches of the WWE, I started getting afraid that these things were ultimately going to slam me on my back, jump from the top of the plane seat on to my chest, landing with a knee or flying elbow and pinning my shoulders for a 10 count.

So I just said “____ it!” and put them on!  Them tangled on my face is a much less embarrassing visual than them pinning me in the middle of a jam packed plane full of people armed with smart phone cameras.

But here’s what I DO know… someone take a look at that knot… I swear to GAWD you could dangle 6 Navy Seals off of the Fort Pitt Bridge from that knot..

Headphones…. stop doing this to me, Ya Jagoffs!

The Grocery Store Lanes That We Need


Thanks to Dandy Don our Las Vegas Bureau Chief for this!

Stay focused when checking aht, Ya Jagoffs!!


What other lanes should there be?  Comment below!