The PA Turnpike

Pennsylvania Turnpike Hikes, 2015


So, the Pennsylvania Turnpike announced another rate hike starting 2015.  (click here for article).  This is a wonderful idea! My gosh… it’s such a great road and there’s such great service… ok.. never mind!

Last night on twitter, @Evil95GT even weighed in from Ohio:

They learned it by watching #Ohio. Bastards raise tolls, and half the turnpike is 50 MPH.

That’s it!  Instead of RAISING prices, shouldn’t we be all getting a “Please pardon our mess while we’re under construction” discount???

On a side note, wouldn’t it be great if, when YOU wanted money, you could just announce to the public that you were raising your fees.

Man tells employer he is raising his own hourly rate by 5% and that he will be taking naps 2 times per day.

Hey Turnpike Commission, maybe with the extra money you can get more electronic signs along the turnpike that will let customers know what is happening on the way:

“We know you paid a lot of money to drive on this road, sooooo we are REEEEEEALLY sorry we haven’t had a chance to erase that SECOND SET of confusing and dangerous white lines from last year’s construction just yet.”

“Please remember to get an EZ Pass.  THAT way you’ll have NO IDEA how much it actually cost you to drive this road until you a few days after you’re home!”

And now that it is going to cost me almost $40 to cross the state, how about installing a pawnshop at the rest stops where I can sell one of my bikes, pets or kids so that I can pay the toll in cash on the other end of one of the most miserable roads in the Commonwealth, YA JAGOFFS!


 Thanks to the Trib’s @BreakingNewzman for the tip and for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!


Didn’t Have To Wait to Get To Harrisburg To Find a Jagoff


Driving, driving, driving…I am driving on one of the most expensive toll roads this side of…. well, um, actually, it IS the most expensive toll road ANYWHERE! And rates are about to go up again.

And given that it is indeed exspensive, I’d like to use as much of it as I can in as little amount of time as I can.  However, these little cone thingies and reduced speed limit signs are kind of in my way.  Ok, I get it, the road needs maintenance and this is maintenance season.  HOWEVER………

The photo above shows orange cones that were beside me for about 2.5 miles.  The orange sign ahead says, “end of construction zone.”  Guess where the 8 workers were doing THEIR thing ?  Yep, about 1.5 miles before I took this picture – all working around 2 trucks and one 10′ piece of jersey barrier! (and yes, they WERE working – no cheapy jokes here)

I realize we need to protect our road workers from “Texting-Cell-phone-talking-Cell-phone-photo-taking-Sirius-Comedy-Channel-listening-Talking-with-their-hands-Eatin-travel-munchy-Damn-I-spilled-my-drink-Where-in-the-hell-is-one-of-those-napkins”  drivers but 2.5 miles of buffer zone seems a bit ridic!!! I need some RUNWAY here!

Thank God I have EZ pass so that I have NO IDEA what it’s really costing me to travel slower than a Tweed-hated-West Penn AAA 50-year member, Ya Jagoffs!

That Left-Laned Truck Driver

This one is REALLY simple… taken from I-79 in West Virginia….cause that’s EXACTLY where a logging truck should be as we all are approaching a hill!!! Shouldn’t you be in the right lane where it is easier to text and drive?
Hey, Kenny Loggins….move over, Ya Jagoff!


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