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The Name “Post-Gazette” Banned From Jagoff Newsroom and Blog


WOW!  A fire storm of “Jagoff” use last week in the print media over the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” banning the use of the term “Jagoff.”

We thought about not writing about this issue since so many others did but, then we thought, last August CBS-Pittsburgh awarded us “Blogger of the Year” award.. AND USED OUR NAME.  Then, last week we got all “pee pants” excited when Pittsburgh Magazine announced that we were recognized as their 2012 “Best Local Blogger” in the readers’ poll AND THEY USED OUR NAME.  So we figured, now that there is a ban on the term “Jagoff” at the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” there is ZERO possibility of winning any type of award there soooooooooooooooooo here’s our post.

The “deets” in case you missed them.

The “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” writer, Rebecca Sodergren wrote an article about Ex-Pittsburghers WANT for Pittsburgh things.  She wrote: “Dem Jagoff didn’t cut my chip chop ham right, n’at.” (Click HERE for article)

THAT led to David Shribman, executive editor of the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us,” distributing an internal email that included, “The word “jagoff” has no place in the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” or “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By”

Then THAT led to the Pittsburgh City Paper’s Chris Potter writing an inside-back-cover full page about the history of the word Jagoff then a national media monitoring blogger, Jim Romenesko to post something about how silly this “ban” is.

Finally, Beaver County Times writer, J.D. Prose, used the issue to call out some political jagoffs.

So here we are. What to do?

We’re not about calling anyone at the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us.” Their writing staff can be pretty cool.  As evidenced by someone in their company leaking this silly memo.

Here are our thoughts on what we CAN do:

We need to ban together and figure out how we can get the word “Jagoff” into the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us.”  Might it be one of our followers placing a CLASSIFIED AD for a garage item or job or whether it be a company that sells mirrors that writes this into their ad, FFOGAJ so that , when you hold it in a mirror, you see it.  First follower to verify some type of sneaky placement gets a $100 gift card from us.

Second, we are going to suggest to the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” that additional terms/ phrases be IMMEDIATELY removed from the publication due to possible confusion for offensiveness:

  • Ho (as in Santa’s Ho-Ho-Ho or Hawaiian singer Don Ho or his sister who is indeed a Ho unless she gets married and changes her name)
  • Hoe (as in garden hoe)
  • Screw (as in a cylindrical rod incised with one or more helical or advancing spiral threads)
  • (In the comments section below, feel free to add OTHER potentially offensive words)

In the meantime to Mr. Shribman of the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us,” LIGHTEN UP, especially with how the term “Jagoff” was used in the original article….(waaaait for it)…..Ya Jagoff!!!

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FYI, we totally realize that our “ban” will have zero affect on the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” but it was FUN to write.


Big Ben “Phony In Seattle???”

Watch this 60-second video from Seattle before you read any further! 

(No seriously, watch it.) 

So these two have a sports talk show in Seattle.  Clearly, there are no RESPECTABLE sports topics coming from their own city so they decided to talk about Ben Roethlesberger because:

a)  Pittsburgh just played Seattle?

b)  Pittsburgh is SCHEDULED to play Seattle?

c)  Brock and Salk ratings are sooooooo high that they are FORCED to offer their high-end sports analysis to a NATIONAL audience instead of just talking about Seattle high-school football

c-and-a-half)  There aren’t any other NATIONAL sports topics that are bigger than Big Ben’s ankle

d)  None of the above

While you may have been schooled that the “best answer” on a test like this is usually “C,” you would be incorrect if you guessed it this time.  The answer “D” is the only acceptable answer and here’s Jagoff Test Answer Key:

a)  Pittsburgh just played Seattle?

Nope!  But, by the amount of complaining, whining and sore feelings they have in coffee town about the Steelers, you’d THINK Super Bowl XL was last weekend (insert beaten dead horse here).

b)  Pittsburgh is SCHEDULED to play Seattle?

No on this one too!  Same reason as “A” and we’re wondering if most of Seahawk fans are former Southerners and also still harbor Civil War ill-feelings.

c) Brock and Salk ratings are sooooooo high that they are FORCED to offer their high-end sports analysis to a NATIONAL audience instead of just talking about Seattle high-school football

NOPE!  As a matter of fact, our silly little blog has more Facebook followers than THEY do and they have a full-time radio show.  Guess nobody really cares what they say.

c-and-a-half)  There aren’t any other NATIONAL sports topics that are bigger than Big Ben’s ankle

Of course this was a trick question. TOPIC HINTS FOR THIS WEEK: Heisman Trophy Winner, Penn State, Cinci/Xavier Basketball Fight (FYI, got these from your own website.  You might want to use it some time.)

d)  None of the above

Here’s the one thing we noticed in watching the video…. BROCK (the guy on the right) has nothing to say..he’s like the little “Hey, George!  Ahhh, Hey George!” cartoon dog.

(Use your own DUH voice here)

“Ahhhh, sure Salky, whatever You say, aaaaahhhhh I’m not a REAL talkshow guy, I just say yes to whatever YOU say!”

Hey Salk and Sulk, if you guys had any credibility, you would have realized that, even Ben’s teammates, who weren’t really buddy-buddy with him in the past, recognized his efforts of playing hurt.  If you weren’t interested in just being YouTube Stars in Steeler Nation, you would have educated yourself that Ben’s in a walking boot at this point.  Then again, what would you guys know about injuries unless, you bump one of “We’re Big Stars Here In Seattle” capped teeth or botoxed-enhanced lips on your microphone.

So make a career choice boys, either get YouTube famous by doing some planking or stick to what you know, like a review of the high school playoff game between Skyline and Skyview,  Ya Jagoffs!

NOTE:  We never encourage boycotting Jagoffs.  This case is no different.  We suggest, going to the Brock and Sulk Facebook page and leaving them a “Pittsburgh Note.”  They need the LIKES anyway.  Do not swear but feel free to use the vernacular of this website in your post!!! Click the Spike and Chester pic below to get to their Fan Page. 

Thanks to our Honorary Jagoff Catcher and Facebookk follower, Michael E. Metros, for this post.

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The News Is Coming! “Honey, Where’s My Favorite Shirt?”

Here’s another week where we are posting all 5 days!!!  But NO WORRIES, keep your submissions coming to

So unless your part of an early morning raid or a sudden emergency, me thinks that the news folks call you up and ask if they can come and talk to you.  Once you agree, they probably give you an approximate time when they will show up to PUT YOU ON CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don’t know this story, CLICK HERE, but basically, Joe Russell and his honey-bun had a wedding planned.  He lost his job, the mother-in-law lost her deposit on the wedding hall, on and on, and on.  And, like MOST of young-and-in-love couples who fall on hard times early in their marriage, they planned a few date-nights TO CLIMB TELEPHONE POLES AND STEAL COPPER WIRE!!!!!!

(By the way, they got $18 for their copper efforts.)

But whatever, whatever, cuz, the day the news crew shows up to get a statement from Joe, he seems to not be able to find a shirt, not even a DIRTY ONE crumpled in the bottom of a hamper!  Oh, and he can’t find a comb either.  Now, we’re not only forced to hear his hard-luck excuse, but we’re forced to watch those 12 hairs in the middle of his chest, dance in the wind WHILE he tells the story.    (Thank God she didn’t ask him to do jumping jacks!)

Hey, we’re no “Ken Dolls” but, if the news showed up at the Ya Jagoff World Headquarters, I gotta tell ya, I wouldn’t even answer the door until I put on one of my nicer Penguins golf shirts and a Steelers ball cap!

Joe, the news pic of you and the Mrs. coming out of the church all dressed up and married is AWESOME.  Unfortunately, that mental image was washed away out of our minds when we were flushing our eyeballs out with rubbing alcohol after seeing you shirtless on the news.  Maybe the crime you SHOULD have committed was STEALING YOUR WEDDING TUX so you had some clothes for your 15-minutes of fame.

As our Jagoff Catcher for this story said when he emailed us, “How about the next time you’re interviewed on TV, you put a shirt on, Ya Jagoff!”

By the way, here’s an EARLIER Jagoff post of a guy who OVERDRESSED for the news (Click the Photo)

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Thanks to Honorary Jagoff Catcher, Twitter Follwer and Facbook follower Dan Casciato for bringing this to our attention!