Inmate Files Law Suit on Behalf of Steelers



Only in Pittsburgh would this make news.  Well, that’s not actually true… this stupid story has made national news and, gets a spot here because it’s embarrassing to the rest of us Steelers fans.

The summary:

an inmate from a Mercer County PA jail, has filed a law suit against Roger Goodell and the NFL, asking for Temporary Emergency Injunction on the NFL Playoffs until the Kansas City/San Diego game, or simply the field goal attempt, can be replayed, thus, potentially giving the Steelers a spot in the playoffs.

Story on WPXI

Yeah….are you thinking the same obvious thing as I am on this?  “Boy, with their Catholic background, are Art and Dan Rooney gonna be ticked when they see how bad this penmanship is.

OK, that’s not REALLY what I thought when I read this and, ya already look pretty damned silly for not using a straight edge for those underlines!

If you look on the WPXI Facebook page, quite a few people thought the same thing…”WHUT??? They get to watch NFL games in jail????????????????????????

Zachary Boso Who cares… I am more pissed that inmates get to watch TV.

Well, at least, in jail, someone’s around all day to wait for the cable guy to stop by sometime between 8am-5pm if they have a problem.

But my favorite comments were:

  • Dominic Tirabassi I would have chosen a different font. <——–HYSTERICAL ALLEY OOP

                   Nick Miller like comic sans <——–NICE TIP IN

The only thing that didn’t come up on the Facebook page was, how far this guy’s tongue was probably sticking out of the side of his mouth by the time he got to the end.  Also, unfortunately ya can’t see the bottom of this to see if he got tired of keeping everything on the same line so added legs to some of the letters to make them all the same height.

Hey guy, we love your spunk and passion but….that poor penmanship is really embarrassing the SOAPWORD outta the rest of us in Steeler Nation.  Don’t ya know the old rule of writing a crazy letter… write, don’t send it, re-read it the next day, throw it away and feel better!!!!!

But here’s what WOULD have put you to the top of the heap on the internet… if you would get ol’ Roger Go-ta-hell in that jail of yours and give him a little “Scared Straight” routine!

(You get all up in Roggee’s face, spittin’ on his cheeks and stuff)

So you think you’re the #$^%$## king of the world, huh?  So you think everyone should kiss your mutha $%^#@@ NFL ring? You da big man, Right?  Mr. Tough @#$@!!# Guy!  What?  You gonna pee your pants you little @#$@#$ sissy boy? You ain’t commissioner of @#$#@ around here, you and your nice suit and hair!

Now THAT, would have made you a reality star instead of making us all look stooooooopid, Ya Jagoff!!


Steelers Don’t Make The Playoffs for 2013



Seriously… we had all resolved ourselves to the fact that, it was basically impossible for the Steelers to make the playoffs this year.  Even if we beat the lowly Browns.  But then….

The Jets beat the Dolphins… the Bengals beat the Ravens…and suddenly we were all like, “Cancel the Canasta plans for tonight.  We have to watch the Chiefs and the Chargers!” and “Can someone paleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze teach dad how to work the PREV CHAN button on the remote before the Penguins game starts?

And we all sat on the edge of our seats… cheering, yelling, throwing things, hating Andy Reid for not starting his top players but eventually loving Andy Reid because he was clearly playing to win.  So we had some hope.

And then……………………………………………Ryan Succop (soon to be known as Ryan “Soapword-up” in Pittsburgh) misses that game-winning, simple field goal with no regular time left in the game.  As a result, about 25% of Steelers fans are out at Best Buy still trying to get Holiday pricing on new TVs because things were thrown at/through their existing TVs last night!

Far be it for Steelers fans to blame our own team for not making the playoffs.  Its a helluva lot easier to blame one guy from the Chiefs.  So…..

Ryan… seriously… you had one job… ONE Soapword JOB….thanks a lot for making us miss the first half of the Pens game and for making half of Steelers Nation page their Cardiologists on a Sunday evening and the other half choke down 5 bottles of Tums per household for absolutely NO GOOD REASON, Ya Jagoff!


In the meantime.. thanks to the Steelers for the pride they showed in getting back to 8-8 this season!

And don’t think that the scenario below didn’t happen at some point yesterday.


A Christmas Present for All Steelers Fans



A little special Saturday treat!

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