Construction Jagoffs

The New BMW Construction Vehicle

 (Travel has me tied up so recycling this post. It’ still relevant.)

The above photo (minus our Jagoff-astrator notations) came to us with this caption:

Who needs a truck #jagoff ?

Haaaa… (sniff)… haaa.. that’s kind of it, RIGHT?   This is another one of those “Damn-it-I-wish-I-had-gotten-the-SUV-or-Pickup” posts. (See the previous hot-tub post here)

The first thing I thought of when I saw this pic was, “Boy that DYI Channel sure is bringing out the handyman in everyone!!”  I can just see this guy.. he gets up in the morning, goes to the spa, runs to Starbucks for a cappuccino-carmel-double-shot-of-vanilla-with-a-whole-lotta-other-crappa-lotta, has a cup of yogurt and says, “Honey, I’m gonna go put in a french drain today!!  But before I stop and get the pipe, I have to stop at Macy’s to get a flannel shirt and a pair of those work jeans, the kind that have the tool-holding-hooky-thingies on the hip.”

As an FYI, I am absolutely HORRIBLE at home repair products.  Like, if you were calling a list of people to help you with a home repair project, I would be on the list BELOW your drunken Uncle Stush who will only come over if your fridge is full of Iron City cans.

So back to the BMW…. I wondered if this was a special option for BEAMER drivers who like to smoke but don’t want the second hand smoke to blow toward their kids in the back seat.  Then I thought, maybe this is a FANTASTIC new church-pipe-organ-entertainment-center option.

But NOPE!  It is what it is.. a BEAMER hauling stuff.

And to “Steely McBeamer” (that was crafty, huh?) if ya have enough $$ to purchase that nice car, don’t ya have $19.95 to rent the Home Depot truck for an hour OR hire the “We Haul Anything Including Your Sleeping Mother-in-Law” people from the Pennysaver or Craig’s List, Ya Jagoff?


Thanks to our Virginia-based Twitter Follower and Honorary Jagoff Catcher Lowell Murray.


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Route 28 Construction is OVER??


Even people who moved away from Pittsburgh and come back every 15-20 years know to plan for erratic traffic patterns due to construction.  I’m fairly certain that George Washington wrote about them in his logs.

But, according to this news report at KDKA-TV, the work on Route 28 is officially over… completo….finito…done-o!

My question to you, how long will it be before Duquesne Light, a gas company or water company heads out to that stretch and digs up a manhole cover OR, even worse, just puts a hole in it to check a valve?  And then, of course, replaces that 4 x 4 foot section with some cheap black top that starts the pothole parade progression?

You’ve seen it….. a road just gets a nice finish and BOOM… within a week some utility is jack-hammerin’ a square out of it.

In the meantime, what the hell are those people “up 28” gonna use for being late to work from now on?  Hell, they might even be early for work these days for the first time in 6 years!  What will Pittsburgh traffic reporters do to fill time… the time that they used to use talking about the #!* that was going on Route 28?

Wait!  Do you think the the Route 28 construction was created by the local traffic reporters so that they would have jobs??

I’ve digressed, so let’s say this… thanks to those who worked their ARSES off on that road and even got it done early AND under budget.  And for you utility peeps, stay the hell away from that road with your backhoes, bulldozers and air-compressor tools or owl get Sister Anecita outta retirement to come out there and bash your jack-hammer-shovel-pick-some-stand-around-and-do-nothing knuckles Ya Jagoffs!!