Cleveland Jagoffs (Yes That’s Redundant)

A Cleveland “Peter Parker” Turned In By A Cleveland-er!

Photo Credit: R. Roscoe (Cleveland)

OK….before you get tooooo crazy with the anti-Cleveland comments….. yes, this “Peter Parker” pic was taken in Cleveland.  BUT… it was also SUBMITTED by a Cleveland-er that, clearly, has their heart in Pittsburgh!

That said, let’s get at it.

As you can see by our Jay Caufield-approved Jagoff-estrator markings, this person pulled into this spot and some how thought it was cool to pretend they were a military Humvee by hopping the curb.  Haaaaa….this picture makes you wonder if the driver even questioned what might have caused the huge “CLUNK” noise when they pulled into this spot!

But then, as usual, we got to thinking…giving even CLEVELAND-ites the benefit of the doubt…. maybe this was done on purpose.  Some  potential reasons for parking like this on purpose?

1)  They wanted to be famous on our website (doubt it… even Cleveland Natives aren’t that gullible )

2)  This car has a bad emergency break and the driver thought that they needed a wheel chock so that their car wouldn’t roll away.  (The BAD news is it’s on the wrong end of the car!

3)  This driver wanted to change their own oil BUT didn’t have a jack at home so they found this a great place to work under the car with a nice view of Downtown Cleveland.

4)  This person realized how much better Pittsburgh is than Cleveland and they asked a Pittsburgh couple that was visiting the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to kidnap them and bring them across the State Line.  They parked the car this way to make it look like a REAL crime.

Not sure what the real story is and had absolutely no interest in driving to Cleveland to investigate unless someone was going to buy me lunch at the Winking Lizard restaurant.

We still don’t understand how this driver didn’t bite their tongue or shatter teeth when the jumped that curb.. and then had not a single inkling to let the car roll back DOWN off of the curb before putting into PARK!    What we DO know about, jumping the curb is:  the BUMP in the front of the car was caused by the JERK behind the wheel, Ya Jagoff!!


Thanks to Ron R from Cleveland for the pic and glad you felt comfortable deputized as one of our Outta-Town Honorary Jagoff Catchers!  


ALSO, special thanks all those that came out to the Latitude 40 Comedy Show this past weekend!!! Yinz guys are awesome!




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Steelers Lose To Clev…Cleve..(Can’t even say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Well, things were set for today.  We had ourselves a nice blog post about Black Friday Jags cuz, whodda thunk that we would have needed to write a blog post about losing….(can’t even write that)… NOT WINNING to the Cleveland Browns.  And then it REALLY happened……

It was sooooooooooooooooo bad that, on the police scanner, we heard the City of Pittsburgh Police securing the bases of all of the bridges.  Even THEY knew this was bad and could cuz Steeler fans to take to the bridge…given the phone calls to the post-game TV and Radio talk shows, it seemed like someone could have sold 3-foot personalized jumping plots all along each one of the County’s 446 bridges!!!

So we decided to let fans vent so that they wouldn’t go into work today in nasty moods.  We couldn’t post them all but, here’s a few:

Tom Howie I really feel sorry for the defense, 2 weeks in a row they played great football. only to go home with a loss. The offense had 7 turnovers, most of them on the Cleveland end and still the defense only gave up 20 points. That’s damn good defense.

John Chesno Batch couldn’t be a starting/ backup qb for a peewee football squad..he downright sux

Ona Williams We need Bill Cowher back to get this team fired up…

London Sasse Mike “Fitzgerald Money” Wallace and his stone hands

Ed Kmetz How fitting that the game ended on a fumble?

Tiffany Woelfel Kovalcin What in the HELL was THAT?

Kitty Kress 9 F @*king fumbles??? for real??

Edward Roth Memo to Big Ben – don’t EVER hand Li’l Ben to any of your running backs to hold.

Colleen Kane Pauley They should have put Ben Jr in!

Ray Maguire Can Ben throw left handed ?

Mary McAnallen I’ve noticed Todd Haley is never mentioned in any of this stuff, so I’m doing it. I think Todd Haley is a lousy Offensive Coordinator. I think he’s offensive, arrogant, and a poor stratigist. I think Coach Tomlin is letting him swing so he can watch the fall. I think the play calling and game planning is stupid,poor,ridiculous, embarrassing and not as good as most people can do in their backyards! And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Dave Kulwicki How about we look for hungry running backs on the open market looking to redeem themselves, these guys we got don’t seem to appreciate what they have….

Terri Vecchi Bell WTF???

Thomas Hinkelman Can’t wait!!! GOODBYE charlie, byronrashard , woodley and polamalu, have a nice retirement but these guys are just stealing money! loved you as players not into paying you all to WATCH!!!!!!!!!

Teri Gardner Please get a real back up quaterback that is young!!

Chris Twitch Brant …… But there is no excuse for not holding onto the ball. I love the steelers but today was an overall disappointment. It’s time to get a good quality back up for Ben that can shadow and learn from him and take over when Ben is done….

David Fero Charlie did his best. He had very little help.

Bill Harvanek The defense has been LIGHTS OUT the last 2 weeks. Only 9 points given up by them in the past 2weeks that weren’t put on them by the offense

Jere Walkow I have seen better high school football games! And…..I wore my new hoodie today!! Ya Jagoff!!!

Jen Val-Bls Lüc If you can’t back your team up when they’re down & out…You shouldn’t be a fan. PERIOD! Ya Jagoffs!!

Lori Drost Alesson Hold onto the ball for crying out loud….

Mark Molinaro 3rd string QB & 7 turnovers. What did yinz THINK would happen?? BTW anyone have Farve’s cell #?

Shannon Barth Roberts Too many turnovers. Ugh, what’s up with that??

Little Wolfcss :-(

Cindy Bert Way to make a bad team look good, ya jagoffs!

David Fero Cleveland sucks? Yeah but they aren’t the only ones.

Devin Gallagher When the hell are we going to spend some money on a quality back up for Ben??? Love Batch but its time to hang em up dude! Leftwich just plain SUUUUUCKS!! Hell we let him go once and brought him back….WTF???!! And you dumbass running backs, what the hell was up with you today?? No excuse, you get paid a ton of money to do one thing…FIGURE IT OUT JAGOFF’s!!!

Jarid Keith Goodwin Can they just hold on to the ball. Please.

Robby Reid Charlie gotta go

Mary Fran Coulter HELP- Dear Gawd, puh-leeze help!!!

So here’s our two-cents worth….sure, we all knew that Charlie was the 3rd string QB… including Mike Wallace….do ya think he might have worked a little harder to get back and catch a ball or two on Charlie’s behalf?  And, given how much we fumbled the ball, did the Steelers hang out at The Winking Lizard eating sloppy BBQ (something good about Cleveland) before the game and forget to WORSH their slippery hands?????????????

Well, hopefully this has helped with everyone’s blood pressure. In the meantime, referring to the photo above, the only thing it looks like Cleveland DID NOT beat us in is throwing hand signals on national TV.  You see, OUR GUY, on the right… did his on a bigger stage…Monday Night Football!  And as we tweeted yesterday, here’s hoping that NEITHER of these guys are pastors, school teachers, school district superintendents or politicians cuz, those pics could game back to hit you in your wallets, in a Mike Wallace dropped balls, kind of way, YA JAGOFFS!

Photo Credit to Megan Wolfley for the Cleveland Dude Pic on Twitter.


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Speaking of the Steelers and Bengals, How About This Cleveland-Lovin’ Jagoff? (Huh?)

Well, not sure that the two actually DO  go together but “Cincinnati Bengals,  Steelers” is DESTINED to be a great “Google search phrase combo” today!!!! (Bring on the blog hits!)  In the meantime, we saw the car above driving through the Strip District the other week.  I nearly fell out of my heated, power lumbar support, multi-position driver’s seat.

Yep!  You read it right… the bumper sticker says, “I’d rather be in Cleveland!!”

Clearly, this poor tortured soul either lost a ridiculous bet OR is repenting for some terrible, terrible sins and has a very creative and vindictive  Roman Catholic pastor.  Put it THIS way, we can’t think of any other REASONABLE excuse for riding around Pittsburgh with that bumper sticker on a car!!!!

The good news is, if this person really DOES love Cleveland, we found a home for his/her poor tortured soul.  The pic below is from the Cleveland Browns pre-game tailgates yesterday…..actual photo from a Twitter fan who is now officially designated as our Cleveland Jagoff Correspondent due to his AWESOME phone-photo-journalism capabilities!


You can’t  see THAT many open spaces at a Steelers pregame tailgate even at Noon when there’s an 8pm game start!!

There’s certainly plenty of room for this Cleveland-lover and his I-have-LOTS-to-say-with-all-of-my-bumper-stickers car.  We say, if you have THAT much to say, get a Twitter Account.  Also, feel free to saddle up, hop on the Turnpike and GO WEST YOUNG MAN!!!!  The PA Turnpike is actually FREE to the Ohio Line and then you can barter with buckeyes for the rest!

In the meantime, let’s give this driver the benefit of the doubt and say they may have bought this car USED and these stickers just happened to be on it from the previous owner.  In THAT case we say, it’s probably WELL worth it to rip your whole damn bumper off the car than to drive around Pittsburgh with THAT bumper sticker, Ya Jagoff!!!


QUESTION:  Any followers out there interested in ramming this car from behind to help this cat get an insurance claim???  Comment below with OTHER suggestions.   (BTW, we don’t actually support harming people, animals or Cleveland-loving-vehicles OR insurance fraud!!)

Thanks to Honorary Jagoff Catcher and Twitter Follower @newshutr for the Cleveland Pics!!