Bank Jagoffs

Banking Jagoffs!

YJ-bankteller So, I headed to the bank and actually had to go inside.  It was an odd place. The best part of my journey to inside the bank is, I went during lunch hour – when I had some time to run to the bank.  WOW…does everyone take lunch at the same time every day like this???  But wait, 12 people in line to do some business at the bank on their lunch hour, and, guess WHO ELSE is on their lunch hour??????? THE BANK TELLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have used the Jagoffestrator to highlight the issue. Creating ATM machines to replace bank tellers was just as ingenious as creating EZ Pass for toll roads – ATMs and EZ Pass readers DON’T EAT LUNCH! Hey banks.. I understand the gazillion jokes about holding “banker’s hours.”  On the other hand, do you not have some kind of customer survey or film from those bank-robber cameras that tells you lots of people come in….. during lunch??? And maybe you should consider a NEW more practical fee.. yes, a new fee!  A, Let’s-Help-The-Tellers-Make-It-Through-Lunch-Fee. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, it would be smart use that fee to feed the bank tellers some snacks between 10-10:30am each day.  Maybe like they do in kindergarten and maybe even give the tellers some “sleepy time.” Then, maybe they can actually be AT WORK when the customers need them, Ya Jagoffs!!!!



Remember when you were little, and your parents said they would give you until “5” to listen to them?  Then, they didn’t really want to punish you so they would do…. 6…..7…..7 and 1/2, 7 and 3/4……………

Well, it seems we have THAT parent mentality setting speed limits at the PNC Bank in Chippewa, Beaver County!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here’s the message that came with the pic….

Seriously?  I saw a car doing 7 and 3/4… WHERE’S THE JUSTICE???????

Haaaaaaa… seriously?   It’s half of  School Zone speed limit!  Looked on my car speedometer….. no 7 1/2 availble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure WHAT to say about this one… ok… never mind.. of COURSE I have something to say about this.  At least the speed limit is still higher than the Christmas Card interest rate!!!

Well, PNC, let it be 7 1/2 mph at the Chippewa office……………………..good sign.. made us laugh…the FUNNIEST thing is that someone actually legitimately MADE this sign for you!!!!  This ain’t none of that Kids-spray-paint-over-the-3-in-35-to-make-drivers-thing-the-speed-limit-is-85 thingies!!!

But while we are talking BANK SIGNS with PNC, we would REALLY appreciate if you could just do away with those signs that say NEXT TELLER  that suddenly go up EVERY LUNCH TIME when……. well…. when I am at the bank on my lunch hour trying to cash a check?  Does the entire staff have to take lunch when I take MY lunch specifally to  make a transaction at the bank, Ya Jagoffs???

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Failed Bank Customer Service 101 – Parkvale/FNB

For a previous post on bad car dealer customer service, click here.   But today’s is another goodie.

This is kind of like a guest blog, cuz one of our followers pretty much wrote the whole thing.

For those of you who don’t know, Parkvale Bank was recently taken over by First National Bank. The process of working with and gaining the trust of all the old Parkvale customers is going just GREAT (cue sarcastic eye).

For example, if you try to access your account online, you can only see your account history since FNB took over—basically ALMOST a month (real helpful if you’re a day trader but I’m not).

When FNB took over in the middle of February, they promoted kit glove Customer Service for those ex-Parkvale patriots that were attempting to access their accounts on line for the first time.  Well, here’s how their Noble-Peace-Prize-level of customer service works.

If you call the “Customer Service” number listed on their website, you will get a recording of something along these lines.

“Sorry but we are experiencing a high call volume. We will not be taking messages at this time. Thank you. GOODBYE.”

Goodbye???????????????????????? Come on, not even a “press 2 for Spanish?” Just a simple Adios Amigos. (Oh wait, they DID say Thank You before saying goodbye and hanging up on me.)

So FNB, since you’re kind of in the “numbers” and “math” business, do you think you could have worked a little harder on the X-divided-by-Y-multiplied-by-n-(the number of Parkvale customers) minus zero (the number zero representing the number of customers that might NOT call for help the first 10 days) divided by n squared calculations that you used to determine how many international operators named Bob, Jane and Mikey to put on?

As a final note to the FNB cheap-as-we-can-be-customer-transition gang, just in case you plan on also taking over the Parkvale Balloon, we suggest you NOT try to save money by simply STAPLING an FNB banner over the Parkvale name, Ya Jagoffs!


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